Thursday, July 30, 2009

20 Months of Audrey

During my "Blog Vacation" I made the following video for my Mom for Mother's Day.  It is full of video clips of Audrey, who was 20 months old at the time set to a groovy and classic song.  It really was a lot of fun to make, and I kinda always wanted to share it on my blog, so here it is!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Salt Lake City Weekend

This past weekend we went to Salt Lake City to spend some time with my family & friends and to have Oliver baptized.  It turned out to be such a good weekend - even though it was a quick one.  We were only in town for 5 days, but what a whirlwind it was!  Every night we had something planned (with the exception of Thursday night, the first night we were in town.)  While I was packing to go home on Monday morning I paused for a moment... I was amazed at all that we had done and all of the people that we got to see and spend time with.  It was a lovely visit that felt much to short.  Here is a recap of our Salt Lake City Weekend:

Friday: A Friendly BBQ

It had been a while since I had been back home (7 months to be exact) and I really wanted to get together with some of my friends.  Everyone brought their loved one and kids (oh, and a dish to share!)  The kids out numbered the adults!  We all seemed to have a good time and enjoy each other's company.  It was such a fun night!

Saturday Morning: Farmer's Market

It's a tradition: every Saturday morning my parent's go to the Farmer's Market in downtown Salt Lake.  The highlight: Carne Asada Taco's from Junior's for breakfast.  There are no words to describe just how good they are... UM-UM, GOOD!
Mom and Kate at the Market
Kate, Oliver and Me.
Oliver's Baptism

It was really important to me to have my children baptized at St. Patrick's Parish, the church that I was baptized in, were I went to church at growing up, and the place that Josh and I were married at.  Audrey was baptized there when she was three months old, and now we were returning for Oliver's baptism.  The love and support that we received from family and friends was amazing.  Josh's parent's flew in for the baptism, along with dear friends of ours, Ted and Amy Archer who are co-God Parent's to Oliver.  Oliver looked so darling in his little white outfit.  He was an absolute angel during the service.  He didn't cry once, not even when the holy water was poured over his head!  

Our Little Family

  Oliver is pictured here with his God Parent's: 
Ted and Amy Archer, and Anna and Chris Rogers

 Anna is holding Oliver while I put on his little cap...

Oliver and I after the baptism - look at how wet his hair got!

Sunday: Our Family Reunion

Every year my Dad's family gets together for a reunion at Washington Park located in Emigration Canyon.  The turn out this year was the biggest that I had seen in years!  I had a really good time catching up with all of my cousins and showing off my darling little family.  

One big happy family!

Oliver and his cousin Gavin (they were born a day apart!)

This picture was an important one for my Grandpa. 
In this picture is everyone that was named after him.

As you can see, to say that we had a busy weekend is an understatement!  At one point my Mom looked at me and said "Boy, you are a lot of work when you come into town!"  We all really enjoyed ourselves though.  It turned out to be a fun and memorable weekend... it was everything that I had hoped it would be.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We’re back…and with a new addition!

Yes, it has been awhile. 5 months to be exact.  Everyday I promised myself that today would be the day I would update our blog… only to remember at the end of the day (often times while I was watching So You Think You Can Dance) that I forgot – Arg!  It is official: I am the world’s worst procrastinator!  So, without much ado, let me tell you what my little family has been up to in the past months (I must warn you: we have been pretty busy!!) …oh, and did I mention that we have a new addition to our family?  We do!

Introducing Our New Love: 

Mr. Oliver

Our precious baby boy was born on April 7th at 11:14 pm.  He made his way into this world a bit early: I was originally due on April 22nd.  My water actually broke (seriously, who does that happen to?!)  My labor went really well, and I am proud to say that I was able to have a natural birth.  However, I do admit that there were times that I was questioning my decision against an epidural.  I kept saying to Josh “I WANT DONE.  GET ME DONE!”  After 23 hours of labor though, I was done and our precious baby boy entered the world.  Oliver has been such a delight, and has brought so much joy to our little family.  Audrey is ever the proud sister, wanting to give “brother” constant hugs and kisses.  She is quick to alert me when he cries “Uh-oh… Mama!”  Seeing the two of them interact makes my heart sing.  He coos and smiles and her, and she squeals and laughs at him.  I often find myself thinking “These are my children.  I am a mother of two.  How did that happen?”  Then I smile and think that it has never been better: I feel so complete.

The following pictures were taken when Oliver was 6 days old.

Has It Really Been Three Months?

April gave way to May, and May lead into June.  During those three months we took the kids to the Zoo and Six Flags Marine World.  Audrey graduated from The Little Gym (her gymnastics class that she takes on Thursday mornings) and we welcomed my parents and sister into our home as guests for some good ol’ family time.  It does not seem like much, but trust me: I feel like we have been going a mile-a-minute!  Oh yes, and then there was Disneyland….

Disneyland with the Rogers

The last weekend in June Josh, Audrey, Oliver and I flew down to Southern California to go to Disneyland with my dear friend Anna and her family.  It was a quick visit (two days in Disneyland, one night at a hotel, two flights in as many days) but we sure did have a good time.  It was so much fun to see Anna & Chris and their darling kids.  Coz & Buddy took such good care of Audrey, and it was nice to have another set of adults to tag team the kids.  Even though technically the kids out numbered us, five to four, we showed ‘em who was boss - right Anna?  Just teasing, the kids were angels (yes, even Audrey… with the exception of the flight down there… now that is another story!)  On our last day there right before we were going to leave I couldn't shake the thought that Anna and I were here on vacation with our little families.  I mean, I met Anna when we were 12 years old, and now we are vacationing together?  It felt like such a dream.  A fun dream, but a dream nonetheless. 

Looking Ahead

Alright, I promise to get my act together people.  There are so many fun things that we have planned for this summer that I will be so bummed if I don’t get a chance to share them with you here. Please stay tuned to see what we will be doing next.  After all, you never know what can happen with a family of four!