Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A December to Remember

My, oh my how time passes!  Honestly, I can clearly remember the beginning of December.  I was unpacking and getting our lives back together from the cruise, wondering where the heck my Christmas cards were (hello, I ordered them before we left!) and I was cursing myself because I did not have all of my Christmas shopping done (admittedly, I knew this would probably happen; but I so wanted to be better this year!!)  Knowing that this month was going to pass by quicker than one of Audrey's naps, I braced for impact - yet I don't think that it did any good!  Today is Tuesday, the 30th of December and honestly it is one of the first days that I have been able to breathe a sigh of relief that it is all over.  During the last month of this year I have witnessed the passing of an older generation, welcomed my Sister into my home (yahoo!), flew back home to Salt Lake for a 15-day stay (fifteen days you ask? Was I crazy? Heck yeah!),  Audrey experienced snow for the first time, and then she refused to sit on Santa's lap for the first time, Christmas Day with all of it's magic and wonder came and went - AND THEN - (yes, there is more) the three of us flew back to Sacramento on the 26th in time for Ted & Amy's wedding (dear friends of ours, of which Josh was one of the groomsmen).  We attended the rehearsal & dinner that night, celebrated their wedding the next day, and then finally  shared Christmas with Josh's family on the 28th.  Geez, I am exhausted just explaining all of it! My apologies to all who have been suffered from neglect on my end... Life has just been so crazy!  I promise to make it up to you next year (He he!)  Hopefully the following pictures provide you a glimpse into our December... a month that has passed by much to fast to remember!

My Grandpa Jack, pictured here with Kate, Audrey and I in November of 2007, passed away at the end of November.  While he was not a big part of our lives growing up, he cherished Audrey and loved her so.  I will remember him for his witty personality, advice that he gave,  and for his funny emails.

His 1930's Ford Classic car was at his funeral.

Audrey & her Tia Katie back in Salt Lake.  Audrey was showing her support for the Peace Corps, a gift from her loving Auntie!

Audrey's first steps in the snow!

Ah.. this white stuff is kinda cold!

Audrey and Kate hammin' it up for the camera!

Audrey's first sled ride... what fun!

Smiles galore!  Audrey's first snow experience turned out to be a success!  YAHOO!

Audrey at the family Santa Christmas Party.  She looks like she is having a good time here, until....

...Santa arrived!  She wanted NOTHING to do with the jolly old fat man who was handing out presents.  Notice the grip she had around my heck?  Yeah, she wasn't going anywhere near him!

During our stay in Salt Lake, my Mom made Audrey this adorable hat.  I couldn't help but include this picture!

Christmas Eve has finally arrived!!  Audrey was showing off her ability to point out her belly-button.  Isn't she the cutest?!

Audrey & I at my Grandpa's house on Christmas Eve

Marquiana, Liz, Isiah, & Madison enjoying the festivities.

Kate, Jessica, Liz & I

Kate & Morgan

Audrey giving sloppy good-bye kisses to Grandpa

It's Christmas Morning, and Audrey's favorite gift was this box.  She spent quite a long time moving it around the front room, and climbing in and out of it.  (Note to self: next year, don't spend ANY money on her: just get her a box!)

Grandma Deb & Audrey reading one of the books that Santa brought her

Sacramento, here we come!!

December 27, 2008
Congratulations Amy & Ted!  What a beautiful wedding!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Cruise

This year for Thanksgiving, Josh's parents treated all of us to a 7-day Mexican Cruise aboard the beautiful ms Oosterdam, one of Holland America's cruise ships.  Having never been on a cruise before, I was a bit nervous (being pregnant, having motion sickness, AUDREY!!) However, I am happy to report that we all enjoyed ourselves.  Audrey loved being absolutely spoiled by her grandparents, and flourished with kisses from her uncles.  Josh and I relished in the two nights that Audrey slept in her grandparents cabin (THANK YOU AGAIN, LINDA & PAUL!)  My favorite memory of this cruise, was the day that Linda, Audrey and I spent at the beach in Cabo San Lucas.  The weather was just beautiful, and Audrey had so much fun playing in the sand.  It was so calming and relaxing, it was perfect.

One big happy family!

Zack, Josh, Audrey and Jeff enjoying our first night out on the cruise ship.

Audrey enjoying herself in Cabo San Lucas.  She spent all afternoon filling a cup full of sand, dumping it out, and then starting all over again.  What fun!

Zack, Linda and Jeff in Mazatlan enjoying the sun.

Josh and I heading out to our formal dinner.  Linda and Paul watched Audrey for us while we enjoyed a "grown-up" dinner for two.  While I adore my little Audrey so much, I can't deny the fact that it was so nice to have a nice dinner all by ourselves.  

 My sweet precious Audrey.  While she was a handful on the cruise, she did exceptionally well adapting to her surroundings, and going with the flow.  She loved all of the stairs on the cruise ship, and spent a lot of time walking up them, and then down them - all the while reaching for one of our hands to help her.  Audrey has a straight forward personality: when she doesn't want to do something, she simply doesn't do it!  One night, after dinner, Josh declared: she is a 'Rubalcava'!  I just laughed and smiled.  Yes, our precious little Audrey may be a little stubborn, but it makes me love her all that much more.