Saturday, September 27, 2008

We are California Buckeyes!

Many of you may know that Josh's family is from Ohio, and in Ohio they kinda take their college football a little seriously.... so naturally, we, the Rohrer family, are Buckeyes!!!  Here is an oh-so-cute picture of Audrey showing some school spirit.  We just couldn't get enough of her in her darling little cheerleading outfit, and knew that you all would feel the same way.

Our Saturday Evening
Tonight, Josh and I had some fun playing with Audrey outside in our backyard.  Above is a picture of Audrey and Josh smiling for the camera.  Audrey just can't seem to get enough of my red watering can, and she loves to make a game of walking back and fourth from the cement to the grass.  We think that she is showing off to us her ability to do so.... She is getting so big!

By the Way...

In case you have not yet heard: I"M PREGNANT!  Josh, Audrey and I will be expecting a new addition to our family in April.  Audrey and the baby will be 20 months apart, and while I know to expect that it will a hectic transition for our family (with two young ones) both Josh and I really wanted our children to be close in age.  So... bring on the gray hair!!  HA!  All joking set aside, Josh and I are really happy, and feel extremely blessed to be so lucky.