Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crazy Hair

My cute precious boy and his crazy hair...
I think it's time for a hair cut!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Palm Springs Getaway

To celebrate our eight year anniversary... and to just getaway, Josh and I went to Palm Springs for the weekend. The entire trip was so nice. We did some sightseeing, a little shopping, we slept in (how long has it been?!) and we even got to eat our meals while the food was hot! Whew! We were spoiled!! I'm tellin' ya: there is nothing like going away for the weekend to revive your spirit, and make you feel whole again. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Our first stop before heading to Palm Springs was Philippe's. Josh and I had first heard about this place on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. I am a HUGE fan of French Dips & this is where they began. I had a Roast Beef, double-dipped. It was heavenly! Definitely worth the stop. Next stop: Palm Springs!

We stayed at this 50's rival bed & breakfast called Rendezvous. We found it online & it was a really fun place to stay.

They had beach cruiser bikes that you could take out for a spin, a cocktail hour that featured their very own "blue rendezvous martini" and a pool that was the winning feature of this place. Each room had their own fifties theme, and ours was the Stage Coach.

It was a fun little western room dedicated to the head honcho himself, John Wayne.
Now, for some highlights of Palm Springs...

Along the way, we found this really cool Botanical Garden called Moorten's. It was full of cacti, created in the backyard of Moorten's home! There was some pretty amazing stuff there!

On our last night in town, Josh and I went on Palm Spring's Aerial Tramway, home of the world's largest rotating tram cars. We went from being at about 500 feet above sea level to just over 8500 in a matter of minutes! The ride in the rotating car was steep, quick & breathtaking.

Just leaving the visitors center. Going up...

... passing the other car only 4 minutes later. Do you see the visitors center? Look at how far we've come!

Me in the car :)

View from the top on the front side...

...view on the backside. Amazing! Plus, in the elevation jump, we went from a nice 78 to 46 degrees! Brrr!!!!

Us, on top of the mountain.

On Sunday morning we bid farewell to Palm Springs, & headed back to L.A. to fly home.
Along the way we stopped at the church where my grandparents were married at 50 years ago, The Little White Chapel in Burbank.

Being that it was our anniversary trip, it was nice to pay homage to the place where they got married.

Well, that was our Palm Springs Getaway!